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Boston Ballet Dancers

Rachel Cossar

I am a quarter ballet dancer with Boston Ballet. I signed up for the soma system introductory class for dancers through Boston ballet and hosted by Kathy Hartsell about 6 week ago. I had kind of an interesting thought process going into this. I just had ankle surgery and have been dealing with this pretty persistent case of buritis and tightness and all kind of ankle issues and so for me soma was really interesting and the extent that it could offer me various release techniques and self massage that would help me recover from my injury and then of course later my surgery. 

So I actually had the opportunity to try two different approaches to the soma classes. One we did in the morning and one we did in the evening and I actually found both of them to be very useful in their own ways. It’s really nice to kind of start your day with an hour of quiet and internal thought process, where you kind of go through this reconnecting process using the techniques and the tools of the soma system and guided by a great teacher like Kathy. You can slowly start to awaken the body and release muscle, fascia and tensions and tightness that you probably didn’t even know you had. At the same time finishing your day with something like that is also as beneficial I think. So it’s interesting to have both of those options and to kind of explore the different benefits of each one.

As for me personally I think I found some really great techniques that I’ve been using on a daily basis since my first soma class to release my lower leg especially. There are some wonderful things for your upper back and your shoulder muscles you know these little tiny intrinsic muscles you didn’t even knew you had let alone know how sore they are or tight they would become as tensions settles in on a daily basis. I think soma system is wonderful for dancers and non dancers alike and I think Kathy has brought us a gift with this program and I look forward to continuing with this.

Patrick Yocum

I am a quarter ballet member of Boston ballet and for the past 5 weeks  I’ve been part of the soma system class with Kathy Hartsell. I came to the class because I know Kathy personally and I think she is an excellent teacher. I am an avid student of yoga before this, so this was an interesting method of bringing even more awareness to the tensions that even yoga can bring into the body.

I did discover that my trapezius is extremely tight and it’s a good method to know where to take your tension out, especially when you’re going back to ballet or whatever you happen to be doing.

I think soma system could actually be very beneficial, it’s a great way to force yourself to sort of sit down for a little bit and relax all of your tensions and bring awareness to the sort of trouble you are bring yourself in your daily life. And I love this class in particular because Kathy is so wonderful and she does a good job with all the instruction.

Lauren Herfindahl

I am a quarter ballet dancer with Boston ballet. I was really drawn to seeing in what new ways I can release different muscle groups and using different interesting tools and just finding ways to keep my body as healthy as possible.

I really like the orange ball and roller squad, that’s my 2 favorite piece of equipment that I found really helpful. I had a little bit of hip issue after the first couple weeks and using the orange ball on psoas made a really huge difference. And the roller squad is like my favorite on my feet and calves. At first I was really confused on how to integrate it into my daily routine, but as we gone on with the class and the weeks, I really started to put it into my daily life.

Dawn Atkins

I dance professionally with Boston ballet and I am always looking to better myself and maintain health of my body, so I got interested in soma system.

After each class I definitely feel mentally way less foggy. I definitely feel like I have a clear mind to start the day and I also feel that in Ballet training I am not struggling to fight to get to the first position, like your body falls more into correct alignment naturally. I definitely like all the breathing stuff, because it relaxes you without really having to do much and I think it is a very natural thing so I want to learn more about that. And I really like the hamstring myofascial release because I tend to have hamstring issues, so I think that would be really helpful for me.

Sarah Wroth