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Live ONLINE Training

What will I get from Level 1 Training?

 – Learn 20 Magic Spots to Relieve Body Aches, Release restrictions, Improve Sleep and Posture!

 – 1.5 Hour of one-on-one online assessment & consultation with soma system Founder Roman Torgovitsky, Ph.D.

 – 120 pages book with soma system exercises

 – Learn over 50 soma system self palpation and self bodywork exercises

 – Learn and Practice teaching soma system exercises

 – All presentations will be conducted online via live webinar platform whereby students and presenters may interact with each other visually, verbally and via typing.

– All presentations will be recorder so that if you can not make it to a particular class – you will be able to watch it online later at a time convenient for you.

Note: To obtain level-1 certification, you will need to successfully pass examination and have valid and Yoga teacher certification.

Cost: $400 

You Want To Take Level 1 Trainings if:

 – You would like to teach soma system

 – If you would like to dramatically improve your self bodywork practice

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