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Self Care for Massage Therapists




Massage therapy has been used successfully for millennia. Modern science has demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing stress, improving sleep, relieving muscle aches & tension, improving mobility & preventing injury.

However, massage therapy can be very expensive and inaccessible on a regular basis to people who oftentimes may need it the most – massage therapists. For years, massage therapists have been using foam rolling and tissue compression with tennis or lacrosse balls for self massage. However, for a variety of reasons these methods fall short of professional deep tissue massage and manual therapy in their effectiveness.

SOMA SYSTEM® is the first comprehensive method of self-bodywork modeled after professional methods of deep tissue massage, manual therapy and structural bodywork. It offers massage therapists the rare opportunity to receive the kind of deep tissue therapy they are offering to their clients every day.

To better understand difference between Foam Rolling and professional massage therapy, traditional practice of Foam Rolling lacks:
– Sensitivity of therapists’ hands and their knowledge of anatomy that allows them to identify body areas requiring release.
– Specificity of therapists’ hands and thumbs that allows them to release small spots of tension. Contact surface of foam rollers & balls is much broader than that of a human thumb and these tools are ineffective for pinpointed work.
– Wide repertoire of techniques available to professional hands-on therapists. Only two techniques are commonly implemented: rolling and static compression.
– Knowledge of postural anatomy allowing professionals to work with the underlying cause, rather than the manifestation. Foam roller users tend to “roll out” spots that hurt without understanding the cause of the issue.

SOMA SYSTEM® is the first comprehensive method of self-bodywork that provides:

– Effective training in interoception and live anatomy that gives users knowledge and develops body sensitivity to identify important spots of muscle tension.
– Self-bodywork tools that are as small and effective as the human thumb in pinpointed work.
– Wide repertoire of deep tissue self-bodywork techniques.
– Understanding of postural anatomy that offers users to work with the underlying causes of muscles aches, rather than the manifestations.