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Adjustable Width Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Roller Soft


  • RELEASE FOR YOUR MUSCLE TIGHTNESS. Perfect for Deep Tissue Self-Massage for Neck, Shoulder, Upper and Lower Back, Hamstring, Calf, and Foot and Efficient for relieving pain and releasing muscle and myofascial tension.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Use before exercise to prevent injury, during self-massage therapy exercises to achieve self-myofascial release, and after exercise for better tissue recovery. Compatible with different self-massage exercise techniques and positions. Use hand or bodyweight to apply optimal pressure without instigating any painful sensations. PORTABLE and fits perfectly into your GYM, WORK, and TRAVEL bags.
  • OPTIMIZED WHEEL DESIGN: The ADJUSTABLE wheels allow you to optimize self-bodywork for specific trigger points that are impossible to reach with traditional muscle rolling sticks. The wheels of the massage roller are made from HIGH QUALITY no-smell FDA-approved silicone rubber.
  • FREE VIDEO GUIDE: Get instructional videos and self-bodywork exercise manual on how to best use the muscle roller. You don’t need to worry about buying a tool and not knowing how to use it.
  • EFFECTIVE FOR EVERYONE: An Essential Tool for Yoga Enthusiasts, Athletes, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists and Their Patients.
  • INTRODUCTION: Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Therapy Muscle Roller

Downloadable Technique Sheet


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