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Basic Soma System Package


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(1) Muscle Roller Stick: An ideal support to use in conjunction with other tools.  Great for rolling out your legs.

(1) Myofascial 5-Pack: Five small balls of varying sizes and densities that can be used to deeply penetrate and melt knots in the upper traps, glutes and shoulder blades, to name a few places.

(1) Big Orange: Soma System’s solution to hunched posture and rounded shoulders. Use it to lengthen tight chest muscles or to coax restriction out of your inner thighs, hips, and lower back. One of our most effective and versatile tools.

(1) Roller Squad: Finally a hand-held massage tool that you can use on any part of your body–shoulders, calves, or the back of your neck. Excellent for light, general massage or deep, specific work. Have a partner handy? You can roller squad their back if they will roller squad yours!

(2) Double Track Roller: Roll up and down your spine with one or both of these rollers, and prepare for pure bliss. Hamstrings or quads tight? They can nab knots there too. Neck massage? Check. These double track rollers can do it all.

Downloadable  Technique Sheets
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