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Foam Massage Ball


  • IMPROVE POSTURE: Use the ball on big muscles of the back, neck, and chest to release from tension-induced compensatory postures and restore your body back to its normal healthy posture while improving energy level and breathing
  • RELEASE TENSION: Release tension , tightness, and trigger points in your muscles. Practice deep tissue therapy and achieve self-myofascial release. Improve the circulation of blood and oxygen to your muscles and experience release as all the knots and tensions melt awa
  • RELIEVE PAIN: The foam massage ball and dual point massager are effective tools for eliminating pain and soreness in muscles of the neck, arms, back, hamstrings, and calf. Use your bodyweight to apply optimal pressure to your muscles
  • COMPLEMENTARY: A Free Online Self-Bodywork Exercise Manual covering each region of the body will be delivered to you via EMAIL IMMEDIATELY after purchase. Choose to work on one part of the body or on the whole body!
  • Non-inflatable soft massage therapy ball – 2.5 inch in size – for  professional grade full body deep tissue massage wherever you are and whenever you need it! Release tension and tightness in the muscles of your neck, chest, shoulder, arms, upper back, mid back, lower back, and hips. Use before yoga or fitness class to improve range of motion and you can enjoy relaxing effect of massage right before going to bed to deepen your sleep after stressful day.


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