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Soma System Practitioners

Joe: Cross Fit Coach

My name is Joe, I am a cross fit coach. I do a lot of activities after our work outs that involve mobility like we do in this class in terms of improving your flexibility, opening up certain trigger points that may be inhibiting getting proper range of motion. I do a lot of Olympic weight lifts that require a lot of flexibility and additional strength. And there are a lot of exercises that we did today, a lot myofascial release with internal external rotation that I will absolutely take back and use with the athletes that I coach on a day to day basis. I definitely feel loosened up after the class. I was tight in some areas especially in my gluts and doing the internal external rotation while the ball was underneath my gluts was really good, definitely felt some release in those trigger points and as well as my thoracic spine area using the soma system double tracker. I am really tight there in general so that’s a tough area for me. When we started working on these areas – I was like – oh great I do this all time. But it was putting your body in new and different positions while applying much wider range of myofascial manipulation techniques that was a discovery for me and helped me to get the release. I definitely feel relaxed after an hour of this type of myofascial release – it is really good. I get tight very easily and flexibility is always something that I battle with but I definitely feel loosen up after this.

Yoga Practitioner

I was feeling a bit tight, super energized but all over tight and after class I felt like I have given myself a massage or really somebody else giving me a massage. Because when you move your pelvis in circles is feels like somebody’s thumb is moving into your back so it felt like I just got a massage.
My upper back, I have a little c curve scoliosis and it really affects my practice, I can’t open up my back the way I want to especially on one side. So that sort of focused attention to the parts that are super tight – is really great.
It’s a little bit painful ,but pain in a good way. I think when you find the place that really needs it – it feels a little sore. But then as you sort of massage it out – you feel things breaking up, you feel a little tingling, it spreads throughout the entire body. Maybe even towards the back of my head, just talking about makes me think about that part. So starting out with that mat with spikes, talk about sensation one that you’re not expecting so when you step on it lights up your whole body.
The fact that I do so much yoga means I am super aware most of the time, but I think the soma system does make it so that I am aware that I can access and change my body more than just saying there is something wrong or that I have tight hamstrings. I feel like I have more of a roll of changing that, it’s easier to get into it than just stretching.

Alex Gokce: Software Engineer / Chronic Pain

I work doing software training and course development and I have had a bit of strange injuries for a number of years and they have impacted my life very negatively in a very huge way. I have experienced debilitating pain – to the degree that I am forced to stay at home for days at a time. I have tried many different resources and almost sort of gave up really. It really sucks out a lot of energy from you when you experience constant pain and nobody can help you and you don’t know how to help yourself… despair…depression…
After 5 days of soma system bodywork, I could totally see how my posture became very different, the way I move is very different, I am much more relaxed and it frees up a lot of energy. And a lot of my day-to-day pain is gone… I feel huge improvement in the posture, greatly increased body awareness.

I know people with very serious injuries and people with not so serious injuries, but injuries that just won’t go away and people just think that’s the way life is and then sort of suffer throughout life for decades and decades. But in reality it is amazing what you could do yourself with natural and simple methods like soma system. I feel empowered and feel that there is a method to address this so as I said it’s huge in terms of human productivity and happiness – that’s a gigantic thing.

Mike Ryan, Yoga Practitioner, New Zealand

I’ve done foam rolling for years but soma system® takes it to the next level!!! After attending one of Roman’s workshops in Whistler I’ve been totally inspired to learn and put into practice these techniques.

Christine Garcia, Travel Manager

I never thought that something so simple could help relieve back and shoulder pain. What I love most about the double-track roller and the other products is that they allow me to heal myself and get immediate results (versus going to physical therapy or just living with aches and pains). I highly recommend these tools as a small investment to support your well being!