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I first used soma system® products at an intensive yoga teacher training. The release that they brought to my body and to my mind was so intense that I fell in love instantly.

Veronika Lipka

Yoga Instructor

soma system® allowed me to discover areas of myofascial tension that I had not been aware of….It was amazing to experience the fascia release in all these different areas.

Lawrence Sullivan

Yoga Therapist

As a licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher, and studio owner, I am always looking for ways to help people have a better experience of being in their bodies. I am grateful to have found soma system®

Melanie Burns

Massage Therapist

Yoga has helped to soothe my chronically tight muscles, but there are some knots that no amount of stretching can unravel. The use of soma system® is like getting a deep tissue massage.

Lorilee Strom

Yoga Instructor

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