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I had lots of pain and tension in my body, for the past couple of years I had real difficulty concentrating. It felt like my head is boiling. I suffered from very unpleasant sensation of burning eyes, so I wanted to keep them closed all the time. I felt very weak and always felt fatigued, even in the morning. And my feet and hands were cold. And now, after doing exercises and the program Roman created, pain and tension are gone, I am full of energy, my feet are warm and I feel amazing. My sleep also got so much better!

Caitlin, 26

I was prisoner of war. I was tied down for weeks and I saw people being executed in front of my eyes. After I escaped, I started suffering from severe insomnia. I AM SO THANKFUL I learned about Roman’s program. Now I enjoy 7 hours of sleep daily!

Andy, 58

I wasted so much time on trying to overcome my insomnia by going from one physician to another. I wasted so much money on sleeping pills, supplements and herbs. I wish I learned about Roman’s program earlier. I now sleep 7 hours and what is even better – my sleep is so rejuvenating!

Jil, 56

I am a former athlete. For years I have been suffering from chronic pain in my shoulder. For the past 5 years, I could barely move my right hand at all! I have seen dozens of physicians, surgeons, physical therapists and massage therapists with absolutely no result! Two years ago, I also started suffering from insomnia and fatigue. After 5th sessions of the soma therapy, I completely got rid of the chronic pain in the shoulder! I regained mobility of my hand! I thought I would have to live with this pain for the rest of my life! What is even more amazing, I learned to track changes in my physical and emotional state. I can now feel when I get too emotional, anxious, fearful, sad or stressed and within minutes I can return my mood to the state of comfort and confidence!


I first used soma system® products at an intensive yoga teacher training. The release that they brought to my body and to my mind was so intense that I fell in love instantly. Now, as a busy yoga teacher who teaches 10 to 13 public classes a week, I find that the tools help students deepen their postures and lift their spirits. After class, I often can’t wait to go home and practice quietly with the tools myself. soma system® tools are like having your own yoga studio, your own massage therapist, and your own medicine man at home!

Veronika Lipka

Yoga Instructor

Yoga has helped to soothe my chronically tight muscles, but there are some knots that no amount of stretching can unravel. The use of soma system® props under expert guidance is like getting a deep tissue massage. It’s the next best thing to having my own personal massage therapist!

Lorilee Strom

Yoga Instructor

As a licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher, and studio owner, I am always looking for ways to help people have a better experience of being in their bodies. I am grateful to have found soma system® tools that truly awaken a deeper awareness of innate healing potential. Students’ eyes light up when I bring out the dual track balls and you can see lights going on as we work on opening lines of fascia throughout the body using these intelligently-designed products. I am a firm believer in the work of Tom Myers and Ida Rolf and am so thrilled to now have tools that invite, encourage and enlighten people to become their own body workers.

Melanie Burns

Massage Therapist

soma system® allowed me to discover areas of myofascial tension that I had not been aware of….It was amazing to experience the fascia release in all these different areas. This practice brought me to a wonderful place of relaxation that deepened my yoga and meditation practice.

Lawrence Sullivan

Yoga Therapist

soma system® I was recently introduced to the SpikyLife Mat and was very impressed with the design and performance. I often get myofascial tightness and pain in my neck / upper back and was amazed how quickly the tension was reduced. My sleep quality has improved substantially and not to mention my workouts (early morning) are more intense. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for natural ways to reduce pain and myofascial tension and looking for overall improvement in health.

Jeff Hill


soma system® Soma system is a very intriguing approach to the dilemma of musculoskeletal pain that most people experience at some point in their life, especially if they are active or sedentary on the other side of it. So the soma system provides the sequential and systematic approach to releasing adhesions throughout the body mirrored to concepts found in Rolfing and also combined with gentle stretches found in yoga.

Eric Beard

Massage Therapist and Corrective Specialist, IDEA FIT, Perform Better Presenter

soma system® Soma System has really elongated my spine and allowed me to open up my back and my ribs.

Vera Ventura

Yoga Teacher

soma system® I can totally see how my posture is very very different and the way I move is very different. I’m more relaxed and it frees up a lot of energy in me.

Alex Gokce

Software Engineer

soma system® I really love the idea that this is something they can take into their own hands so that they don’t feel like they are depending on someone else for increasing their health. So I have experienced a wide range of benefits directly from soma system work and I am really excited to help promote the system and bring it to a bunch of different people.
I would say my favorite thing about the system is that it is so articulate. There are these really nuanced tools and really intelligently designed sequences and at the same time it is so approachable and simple enough that it can be digested enough by anyone.

Kathy Hartsell

Ballet Dancer and PT Assistant at Boston Sports Medicine, Yoga Teacher

soma system® Can I tell you that I have no pain….first time in 7 years!!!!! I didn’t need to see the referrals you sent me, just used the big orange ball to work on my scalene!

Sue Pentland

Yoga Instructor

soma system® It’s truly amazing to see what impact you can make on your own body in a short amount of time with a minimal amount of strain or extra effort. It’s empowering and incredible to see that you yourself are the person causing changes and no one else.

Caitlyn Klinger

Dance Teacher, Proffesional Ballet Dancer

soma system® As for me personally I think I found some really great techniques that I’ve been using on a daily basis since my first soma class to release my lower leg especially. There are some wonderful things for your upper back and your shoulder muscles you know these little tiny intrinsic muscles you didn’t even knew you had let alone know how sore they are or tight they would become as tensions settles in on a daily basis. I think soma system is wonderful for dancers and non dancers alike.

Rachel Cossar

Boston Ballet Dancer

soma system® I did discover that my trapezius is extremely tight and it’s a good method to know where to take your tension out, especially when you’re going back to ballet or whatever you happen to be doing. I think soma system could actually be very beneficial, it’s a great way to force yourself to sort of sit down for a little bit and relax all of your tensions and bring awareness to the sort of trouble you are bring yourself in your daily life.

Patrick Yocum

Boston Ballet Dancer

soma system® I am a quarter ballet dancer with Boston ballet. I was really drawn to seeing in what new ways I can release different muscle groups and using different interesting tools and just finding ways to keep my body as healthy as possible.
I really like the orange ball and roller squad, that’s my 2 favorite piece of equipment that I found really helpful. I had a little bit of hip issue after the first couple weeks and using the orange ball on psoas made a really huge difference. And the roller squad is like my favorite on my feet and calves. At first I was really confused on how to integrate it into my daily routine, but as we gone on with the class and the weeks, I really started to put it into my daily life.

Lauren Herfindahl

Boston Ballet Dancer

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