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I had lots of pain and tension in my body, for the past couple of years I had real difficulty concentrating. It felt like my head is boiling. I suffered from very unpleasant sensation of burning eyes, so I wanted to keep them closed all the time. I felt very weak and always felt fatigued, even in the morning. And my feet and hands were cold. And now, after doing exercises and the program Roman created, pain and tension are gone, I am full of energy, my feet are warm and I feel amazing. My sleep also got so much better!

Caitlin, 26

I wasted so much time on trying to overcome my insomnia by going from one physician to another. I wasted so much money on sleeping pills, supplements and herbs. I wish I learned about Roman’s program earlier. I now sleep 7 hours and what is even better - my sleep is so rejuvenating!
Jil, 56

I was prisoner of war. I was tied down for weeks and I saw people being executed in front of my eyes. After I escaped, I started suffering from severe insomnia. I AM SO THANKFUL I learned about Roman’s program. Now I enjoy 7 hours of sleep daily!

Andy, 58

I am a former athlete. For years I have been suffering from chronic pain in my shoulder. For the past 5 years, I could barely move my right hand at all! I have seen dozens of physicians, surgeons, physical therapists and massage therapists with absolutely no result! Two years ago, I also started suffering from insomnia and fatigue. After 5th sessions of the soma therapy, I completely got rid of the chronic pain in the shoulder! I regained mobility of my hand! I thought I would have to live with this pain for the rest of my life! What is even more amazing, I learned to track changes in my physical and emotional state. I can now feel when I get too emotional, anxious, fearful, sad or stressed and within minutes I can return my mood to the state of comfort and confidence!

Olivia, 62

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